About Electrical Design

In the field of electrical design there are some applications that allow complex studies such as: Short circuit, Load flow, power factor and voltage drop at motor starting, among others.

These applications have a high cost according to their scope. Their prices range from $ 7,000 and $ 42,000 dollars. However, these firms do not consider the conductor selection in low and medium voltage because this is a relatively simple process.

The problem arises when you must select 100, 200 or more circuit conductors. The simply task becomes complex because of the large volume of data that is handled. This can lead to errors in the specification of the conductors causing delays in construction times and subsequent higher costs. If we add the implications on delivery times and possible mistakes on these materials ranging from few weeks to several months, the problem has a greater impact in the project.

When the project has a large volume of circuits, the problem grows proportionally, so that the information should be handled efficiently using a database. Additionally an algorithm should be applied to ensure compliance with the criteria of the standards that governs the project.

The Sizer Electric© sofware meets widely with all the requirements mentioned above.

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