Sizer Electric your best option

In most countries of America the conductors used in the electrical design shall meet the guidelines defined in the National Electrical Code or in the Mexican Official Standard NOM-001-SEE-2012 . In some cases the local regulations are mandatory to select the conductos size and to define grounding grid layouts.

Compliance with these regulations is observed by entities named Authorithy having Jurisdiction (AHJ), which are responsible for enforcing the codes requirements and approving compliance with their statements. In some cases if the standard requirements are fully complied these entities an approval is issued for the project in order to request the connection with the utility company.

The correct selection of conductors plays an important role in this certification process, especially if we consider that these elements can represent up to 20% of the total project cost.

Sizer Electric© helps you in this approval process, because it is a comprehensive solution that will not only make it easier to select conductor sizes and adequate conduits / cabletrays, but will give certainty to comply with all requirements of the regulations, saving you time and money.

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