New version 6.0 of Sizer Electric© includes:

Distribution of circuits in Reels

Save costs by reducing waste in the installation of your conductors

To facilitate the process of defining from which reel the wires of a circuit are obtained to minimize waste on the installation site, Sizer Electric© has developed the new Distribution of circuits on Reels module. This module has advanced mathematical algorithms to achieve the optimal distribution of conductors in commercial reels, reducing waste and increasing project profit margins.

New reports generated by LaTeX. These reports are not simply an improvement, they are a true differentiator that will change the way you share your projects with your customers.

Professionalism and Elegance: Each report created with LaTeX guarantees a high-quality presentation and a professional appearance ready to impress your clients and colleagues.

Integrated Intelligence: Calculation reports are intelligent and adaptable to each circuit calculated by the program. This means that the information they show is specific to each case, providing relevant and accurate details.

Attractive Presentation: We recognize the importance of aesthetics in your work. Therefore, we have worked on an attractive presentation that captures attention and improves understanding of the technical reports.

Circuit computation report Grounding Grid computation report

New data export in Ms-Excel© format, available in all Sizer Electric data grids.

New reports are incorporated in addition to the classic reports and the process of modifying their information is facilitated by incorporating the report designer into each existing report.

Required changes and additions of the new version of NEC NFPA-70 Version 2023 are included.

Sizer Electric© 5.10 includes

Direct Current Conductor selection.

For the growing demand for Direct Current systems, Sizer Electric has incorporated the conductor selection process for these systems into its algorithms. The selection process has been implemented with minimal modifications to the process that our users know.

General Data (Project Specifications) exclusive for direct current systems are added, specifications for DC conductors are included in the library. Resistance values for insullated and bare direct current conductors are added to the libraries.

Sizer Electric© and Southwire® join forces in version 5.10

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Southwire®, the world leader in manufacturing of electrical conductors, is the Official Sponsor of Sizer Electric version 5.10.

Sizer Electric© has always looked for being present in different sectors of the electrical market. In Mexico it was recently recognized by the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers by the presentation “Software for Electrical Conductors Selection according to NOM-001-SEDE-2012”

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