In order to reduce the learning time and get the most out Sizer Electric tools, we offer our online training program. Through it you will easily manage the entire functionality of Sizer Electric©.

Our training can be taken On Line or in person directly at the customer's facilities. You can also view our online videos in Youtube.

Our training courses offer include each of the modules of Sizer Electric©:

General operation of Sizer Electric and Conductor Selection Module

In this module you will understand the general operation of Sizer Electric© and in particular the capture processes, data required and calculation process of the Electrical Conductor Selection module. You will also identify the definition of the rules governing the calculation of conductors, General Data capture (instructions about the restrictions and asumptions) according to your project requirements and finally capture processes for electrical conductors.

Cable Trays and Raceways Selection Module

With this module you will learn the steps to select coduits and cable trays. You will learn the capture process of conduits and cable tray sections to allocate circuits. Identify how to obtain the calculation results, circuit routing information and summaries of cable trays and conduit filling in your project.

Grounding Grid Analysis Module

With this training you will learn the process for capturing ground grid laouts to provide a safe route to ground fault currents as recommended by IEEE Std 80. You will also identify the main steps to get the results of the calculation of tolerable voltages by the human body, voltages generated in the mesh and the value of the grid ground resistance. You will identify the main factors affecting the design of grounding grid.

Cyclic capture

Because in most of the projects some information is similar, the option of cyclic capture will help you to know the process to reuse information captured to reduce with it the time taken to enter information into the software Sizer Electric© .

Access to these online trainings is free for our customers with the 'User' botom located in the upper rigth corner of this site. For more information about our classroom training contact us to obtain a personalized quote adequate to your needs.

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